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I think the person who bought this unofficial slipcase edition of Surrender for an eyewatering amount of $ disagrees.

VFB manages to sell hundreds of regular signed books in a custom slipcase for at least 10x retail and then people pay 50x retail for them on ebay, so I don't think the official limited edition is a bad investment.

Not saying it's a bad investment.  It's just a better investment if they don't flood the market with non-limited copies. 

Although, the fact that VFB even exists defies all logic and reason.  The books are mass& marketed editions. Their COA looks like something created by an 8th grader and the slipcases aren't even all that interesting.  They prey on people with more money than judgment. 

Incredible... Goes to show there is another sucker at every corner.

In typical Premiere fashion they are adjusting the price, it was $85 earlier but now $90.

Can anyone remember the release date of this?

Also what was included with the deluxe $750 edition?

17th Oct I think.

A wire and a piece of plastic 

You are correct. They stated expected availability of October 17th.

I am not sure of any details on the deluxe edition as I only ordered the limited slipcase edition.


Taken from the website.

The deluxe edition is signed, numbered, and housed in a custom box featuring a handcrafted pyrography design by Dino Muradian, who has collaborated with James on multiple guitars, including Elk Skull, the Unforgiven acoustic, and the Snakeskin Snakebyte. Accompanying the book in the deluxe edition will be an assortment of “case candy,” including a photo print and a studio or tour-used Hetfield guitar pick and guitar string.

So a print, a wire and piece of plastic?! 


Next week?

Moved to December 


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