I bought this photo years ago in my youth.

Its slightly light damaged from having it on my wall as a kid.

Any chance of it being real? What's people thoughts?

Any opinions much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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Unfortunately this is not authentic in my opinion 

Darn...thanks for the reply.

no sorry 

Thank you

No, sorry.

Think thats pretty conclusive! Heres a question..what does everyone do with fakes? Destroy I suppose?

That would definitely be the best option 

Destroy or deface so it can not be sold as genuine. Writing "fake" would also be a plus appreciated down the line.

I'd make them unsalable and keep them: rip off a section and write Fake near it but keep it for your exemplar file and education.

Having an autograph in your hands to evaluate and learn from is valuable. And you often can't tell if a genuine-looking autograph is truly genuine and not a reproduction until you have it in your hands.

One of the most valuable things is making sure that the item it's signed on makes sense for the time. There are at least hundreds of thousands of Mickey Mantle forgeries on inkjet photo paper. Office inkjet photo printers were first offered in August 1995. Mantle died on August 13, 1995. He was too sick to sign months before, and even if he could, he certainly couldn't sign many in his last days.

Thanks for the help guys. This is definitely an official photo from the 80s or 90s.

Time to deface it :(

Perhaps a mustache that says "Fake!"? Steve is right - hold on to it. He says why better than I can.

Haha love it.



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