michael jackson PSA fake?

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Looks nothing like his auto

If you do not know this but PSA passes fakes just thought i would let you know this. Do your own research and don't give them your hard earned money. 

  • perhaps they have an exemplar we aren't are of.  Looks nothing like I've ever seen in my life.

Most likely a very early version of Michael dating to his days with the brothers. Many celebrity/athletes change their autograph over time. Most are used to seeing his later autographs which look nothing like this. I guarantee they have exemplars to match this version.

I agree, Randy. I'm sure they have exemplars because I have seen that style of the last name.

MJ is all I study and this absolutely isn't legit. I've seen plenty that PSA let through accidentally.  It doesn't look anything like the ones posted below this either.  I've seen his signatures since he was a small child all the way thru to his death.  Not real. 

This definitely does not match his later signatures but I cannot see it clearly enough to say if it matches earlier ones

If that's supposed to be the autograph of THE Michael Jackson, it's not like any I've ever seen. And I've seen his signature dating back to the late 1960s. 

I found an early one.  

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Just for kicks I am putting the psa one next to your example.  Nothing alike.

They kinda missed a letter in his last name too. 



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