Hi guys,

Hoping to get some thoughts on this ball. What's the lieklyhood that it's authentic do you think? Unusual to see a full autograph and #23 inscription like this.

Thanks guys

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I highly doubt that this is authentic.  This is Michael’s old-school type of autograph, closer to how he signed in college.  Jordan began signing with Upper Deck Authenticated in 1992.  And I’ve never seen an MJ UDA item signed like this.  It’s a decent attempt at MJ old-school, but they've got the wrong time period.  

Thanks for the insight James, much appreciated! I'll give this a miss.

Just to reinforce your decision to pass based on James' astute observation.  I've seen lots of early career Jordans on basketballs and in this case it appears that so much detail is lost because whomever forged this was not experienced in signing a dimpled surface. This looks to me like someone's first attempt at signing a basketball.

Thanks Woody!

Definitely passing on this. The seller just dropped the price by 300 as well, must be desperate to get rid of it...

Once he drops the price to $12, buy it, shoot some hoops with it, and then leave it on the court for someone to find and freak out over while you watch secretly from afar and enjoy the show! lol

Hahaha I'll keep that in mind!



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