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Here are a few from Upper Deck. Michael Jordan has pretty big hands so when he writes the autographs tend to spread long, for the most part. This is a tricky one, but I'd be leery of it. Both my head and my gut say no. Plus, I'm not sure how much the seller is asking but if it's not third party certified by UDL, I wouldn't buy it. That's my personal standard with sports autographs. I hope you can get a second opinion. Take care. 

Thanks I recently send a Beckett sig Review and it told me its likely genuine which is a good thing. I check again the autograph and spot a bright light and it seems the lower part of the m has less ink so I think it's a live ink to my experience. And the J is thinner so it's not an autopen

It looks off to me as well. Do you have any background on when/ where it is said to have been signed?

I found this when I compared his older 1989 autograph.. Beckett.

Definitely not Autopen. His signature did vary a little which and to me it still looks a little strange but that does not mean it is not real and as you say it looks very close to the other one you found

Yes.. I check the incription and it very was precise that help me out alot .. I was checking for reprints and I didn't find any and the picture is a colored drawing pencil



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