Hery everyone,


Recently obtained this and am looking for opinions. With the $100 submission fee to both JSA and PSA I'm leary to just throw something out there that so widely faked.

Any and all help is appreciated.




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Well it finally came in. "Likely Not Genuine". Oh well. I guess you can't win them all. Guess I'll send it through the shredder so no one else gets jacked one down the road.

Maybe there is someone at jsa you could email this thread or the pic to and see why they authenticated the other one.
Maybe they know something we don't

You keep saying JSA authenticated the basketball. Look at your posted picture. It is a PSA/DNA letter.

Oh haha my bad! Psa jsa YMCA NCAA!!!!
Thanks for the correction good spotting

I did just to see if I could get more of an explanation for pure curiousity. However, I assume I'll get the response of "if you would like to submit it for full evaluation we would be happy to assist you"

I think if someone was to crop the image of the psa authenticated auto and do a quick opinion that it wouldn't pass

I wonder if they automatically shoot down any Jordan that crosses the Quick Opinion block. I mean to authenticate a Jordan is $100. I have a feeling they're a little bit more accepting a $100 evaluated Jordan than a $10 one...

I've thought that before but the thing is with that is once people get the quick opinion saying "likely not" they don't often spend the extra money to send it in.
That's what I see as a huge downside to the quick opinion - legit autos getting binned on the rushed opinion of psa

I would bet that 99% of non-UDA Jordan autographed items on ebay are forgeries. ebay does nothing about it even when notified because it makes them over a million dollars every year when these moron "collectors" by the crap for their spoiled little entitled brats. Disgusting!!



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