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Does this credit card belong to MJ?

I feel a little puzzle about MJ whether use normal credit card?

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What's in your wallet? - A Michael Jordan Capital One credit card! Is it real? YES!! The signature looks authentic to me. But the the real question is how in the world did he qualify for a Platinum card?!

yes I bought from one seller who is in US.

I think signature is good.main problem is that Michael jordan use Platinum card?is it ture?

Centurion maybe more Reliable or US rich has normal credit card?

Yes, a Platinum card is good card, usually with a high line of credit. I was just joking a little about how did he qualify. Also, you may not have ever seen some of the Capital One commercials they play in the USA. But the celebrity always asks, "What's in your wallet?"

And that signature really looks good to me. So I think it's authentic. Did the seller say how he acquired it? More than likely, MJ has had many different credit card accounts. Unfortunately, I don't know what cards rich Americans carry since I'm not in their club! Lol.

But I think that's a really nice item to own. Just think...that was once the private property of the greatest basketball player since the 1980s (Wilt Chamberlain played before that).

Nice pick up Geraldzheng!!


Thank you for your sharing.

Yes.....I have asked many people,they offer opinion are authentic.

seller not say anything about more from this card,I think he don't know more about this,he only make collect about MJ items.I focus that he did game used collection from MJ too.

Yep.that is amazing things.I have seen similar items before in online auction.But I lost before.

Here is chance to get it.I will collection it.

Thank you so much for your opinion.

In our country,we always say that "Human beings die in pursuit of wealth",if this item can be become money,someone will exchange life.

I think that is why we can see it(amazing item) on market.



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