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Any discount codes before I cash out? 

MOBILE10 gets you 10%

LS15 worked 

It says release date today?? Does that mean he released it early or is it a glitch?

Early June release 

That's what I thought, page says different now however.

June 4th.  Today was a glitch, it defaults when we add it, but we have corrected it.  Thanks!

Is It going to be a sticky bookplate or one of those ones you can slide in and out?

Anyone know the stock count?

Not sure but they sold out quick before. I haven't seen these pop up on bam or b&n either


Places throw around words like exclusively.  But this might be a Premiere exclusive unless something drops on release day in June. I'm not sure any other retailers are getting these.  Nothing so far at B&N, BAM, Indigo,  Waterstones, Amazon, Live Talks LA, etc. and release date is June 4th I think. 

Im debating on getting a second copy to pick the better sig for myself. I don't see him going out to do signings in my opinion but i don't know the guy. Also nice to see they lowered it back to $40 my original order was $60!.


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