Acquired these about 1992 at retail. Both came with COAs from My Favorite Players. Always thought they were authentic, but would love your opinions. Thanks!

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sorry but these are not authentic

Thanks for your opinion. How did they get away with this, then? Both of these signatures came with the MLB license logo.

the MLB License is for the unsigned photo.  Google My Favorite Players COA's and see what comes up.

I have Googled them. Apparently they were reputable in the 1990s, as far as I can tell. The label reads "Official licensee of Major League Baseball, Manufactured by My Favorite Players, Hackensack, New Jersey". So the license is not just for the photo.

well ok then. Enjoy them!

They were NEVER reputable as far as autographs are concerned.

The license is for the photo and they did framing for Scoreboard.

The autographs are garbage.

you might want to read this:

scroll down to Ken Goldin's comments

Really, I appreciate all the info, but it seems like the autograph business is run primarily on "opinions" and not facts. Unless the player or celebrity signs the item in front of you, there is always a shadow of a doubt. Can you say for a fact that each and every autograph sold by My Favorite Players was a forgery? I knew an autograph dealer in the 1990s who seemed to have an endless supply of signatures from dead celebrities. He would sell a Clayton Moore and he would put out another one right away. I was always suspicious, but he had his own COA that he would provide and as far as I know he was never accused of forgery. It does seem that it's impossible to be absolutely certain of any of this stuff.

I can state for a FACT that I have NEVER observed an authentic autograph with a COA from My Favorite Players, My Favorite Players II, etc, etc.

well I am certain of this.  Those photos are forgeries.  If you want to believe they are authentic, that is fine.  It will only come back to bite you if you try to sell them.  Otherwise, enjoy.

"...Unless the player or celebrity signs the item in front of you, there is always a shadow of a doubt...." "..It does seem that it's impossible to be absolutely certain of any of this stuff...."

Technically there is a "shadow of a doubt" if not IP, but its cause(s) can dim greatly when a strong beam is brought to bear - and some of the guys in here are like lasers. So, you know what you can - try for all you can. I know very well how Jackie Gleason signed in 1953. I know I have found footage of him signing in March 1953. I know where he was in January 1953. I know his secretarials and proxy signatures, and the forgeries too. I even know about half the examples shown at PSA Facts are secretarials by Sydell Spears. I know his period signature in fountain pen, ball point and pencil. I also know his signature and handwriting would be very difficult to forge, especially under the cancel on a USPS postcard sent from NYC in January 1953. This is what I can know. I hope to learn more! :)

Well written, Eric.

I continue to learn as well.  

That's how we've become what we are.




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