i am the fan, and no, I'm not crazy! or desperate...

I have another almost identicle photo that I wouldn't part with. the year was either 61 0r 62.

that's around 50 years ago...holy s*%#*! the photograph has never been published, I posted it here but it isn't in it's actual  sharp context...it's a stunning image!!

my question is would this autograph/photo have any value to a collector? 

want to just crop it to the mick? go ahead, but that's only after they've purchased it.

I have since cut whitey whitehead's name out, it was a brand new autograph book, I never understood why he signed on the same page as mm.

I still have the autograph book. I hope to hear from the mickey mantle fans, thanks! dave

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I'd say both items have value. Autograph I know for sure is valuable, and I do know there is a big market for vintage photographs.

I guess whitey's all do strange things...ha!!

and mike what would be my next move..little help? ...and don't say ask whitey!!

Mike KAm is the last person I would ask for advice..Mainly cause he is Canadian

It's a well known fact that Canadians are the most honest and kind people in the world, perfect match to give opinions ;)

but your Canadian...

We're so nice though :(

There are people who like vintage original photographs, but I'm not sure what the market is, or how "a random kid" (you) being in the photo would effect the value.

As for the auto, it would most likely be sold around "cut" prices. You'd probably want to get it slabbed, and then you're looking at $200-$400 IMHO if PSA/DNA slabbed. There are cuts of Mickey's old signature for $500 that take time to sell... 

That's such an awesome pic with a personal story, no one would appreciate that piece as much as you do. Hang on to it!

And to have it slabbed costs over $100 to authenticate Mantle through PSA then you have the encasing and shipping fees which is like another $50. 

Its worth far more to you than anyone else. 

thanks guys... if you're really sicko's, you could take the ball player out and save my pic!!!!!!!!!!!! let's remove that...thanks!

Yeah like Ryan said, its best to get it authenticated and sell it as a cut, or go on a collector forum and try to sell it. I think Ryan's high end estimate on the cut might be a little high (I say that in comparison to this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/MICKEY-MANTLE-SIGNED-VINTAGE-EARLY-1950S-ER...) but you should easily be able to get $200+. 

Not sure how old photos sell but like Ryan said, it's definitely an awesome piece that you should really consider keeping. No chance you ever have a moment with the Mick again. 

Edit: looking at vintage cuts of Mantle that have sold, if you wait you can get that high estimate haha. I should just leave the valuations to the experts ;) 

WHITEY FORD AGREED TO LET ME PHOTGRAPH HIM sorry caps were on, and to finaaly confess that he indeed was whitehead...so now the bdding starts, the photograph is available. and I'm in a generous mood...ok, let's go!!

Post a picture of just the Mantle autograph since you said you have removed the Whitehead. What are you trying to get for the photo and autograph?



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