Mickey Mantle Autographed Baseball Forgery Ebay Seller Fletchcards COA Howard's Sports Collectibles

Here's another Mickey Mantle forgery on a baseball found on Ebay.

Ebay is rampant with Mickey Mantle forgeries as always.

This is a typical Mickey Mantle forgery on a baseball with a COA from Howard's Sports Collectibles.

I have never observed an authentic autograph with a COA from Howard's Sports Collectibles

This Mickey Mantle forgery is listed by Ebay seller Fletchcards.

This is a typical, putrid Mickey Mantle forgery with a COA from Howard's Sports Collectibles.

Look at this crap with a COA from Howard's Sports Collectibles.

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I hate to disappoint gang, but this is the real deal. We've had various vintage cards and autos verified with PSA

on what we have received and everything has come back authentic and graded. Double check your sources,

I don't think Howard's would take too kindly to being accused of fraud or forgeries.

Angie, there is no disappointment. You have no clue what you are talking about. Howard's does attach COA's to forgeries and fakes.  The picture above is proof of that.

There is ZERO chance that the signature on that ball is authentic. Sending other things to PSA is not proof. Send this to PSA.......I dare you.

I agree Rick. It is undoubtedly a forgery

EBAY Seller FLETCHCARDS knows it's a forgery. I have no doubt. They got stuck with it and are bound and determined to pass it off to someone else.

It is a really bad forgery. Not even close. Obviously, some of the other items they have for sale on Ebay are authentic but not this one.

here we are again with another complete idiot.

Angie, if this authenticated by PSA, which it MOST CERTAINLY will not be, you can kick me in the apple sac.

Howard's collectibles is associated with 1000's upon 1000's of horrible forgeries just like this one, so please triple check your sources...this is a fake forgery and it's not even close . You might want to have your head examined, LOL

"The real deal?"

Seriously, Ms. Fletcher?

Your Mantle autograph is a forgery.  Period.

Hate to disappoint Angie, but this is most definitely NOT the real deal. In fact, it is an extremely well known forgery. One so obvious, that if you took FIVE MINUTES to study Mantle's signature, you would know it's crap. 

"Would most likely grade 8 or 9 PSA on Autograph"

Just a heads up, we just got off the phone with Howard's Sports Collectibles in Ohio and they are turning the matter over to their legal team. They have a copy of the link on the accusations.


Never heard that before.


Angie(Fletchcards) you are just like every other EBAY thief. Trying everything you can to peddle a fake.

Sure they are consulting with their legal team. Just like they have done all the other times. By saying that they scare idiots like you. Those who know autographs are not afraid to call it what it is......a forgery. Nothing Howard's or you can do about it.




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