Hi guys I keep reading your blogs but I still can't tell the difference.

If I could get your opinion on this mantle it would be great.


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Here's another authentic example, same magazine, this one is PSA/DNA certified:


both are great pieces.  I have the magazine, but no signatures.

Sweet. I've had it for a long time and always feared I would get bad news that it wasn't real.

Any rough idea about a value and is it worth sending it to PSA (increased value wise)

Thanks again

The PSA/DNA one I posed is listed on eBay for $1,300 BIN from presspasscollectibles which is overpriced IMO. (And why it hasn't sold)

The "No. 7" helps, but not THAT much. I think alot depends on the condition of the magazine, as it is has some additional historical value. If you plan on reselling, I would probably get a PSA/DNA or JSA LOA for it. (don't let them put their f'n sticker on the front). I think on this particular piece the cert would bring $100+ (cert cost) value to the auction, making it worthwhile. 

Uncerted I'd say anywhere from $150-$275. With PSA/DNA or JSA LOA $250-$450 if you're lucky. IMHO. 

Thanks a lot Ryan.

One last thing, mine is actually a photo of the magazine.
So its only a photo, not a real magazine.
Does this kill the value somewhat.

Yes, it hurts the value greatly. Probably half or so.

Yes quite a bit... Now you're just looking at normal 8x10 flat prices... $115-$175 uncertified (No. 7 may get you closer to $175ish), $200-$300 certed. Thus, probably not worth the $100 to cert it. IMHO. You may want to make sure you don't have a reprint... Make sure it's actually signed, shine a flashlight on it and look for the metallic glare.

Yeah i agree with what Ryan says.. is there actual ink on top of the photo?  Or is the signature part of the photo?

That Mick looks good to me. 



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