I think this looks okay.  Anyone have any input?

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Great post, DR! I'm looking forward to hearing what our Mantle top guns think. I think it's got a good chance of being real, too, but either in his last signing months or while he wasn't at his best.

Thanks for the feedback!  I’m still trying to learn Mantle.  Have you ever seen one like this, with the extra loops at the tip of the M’s?  Or is this a fake?

regarding the loops, it was typical for him to form at least one of the M's with a loop in his 60's and 70's signatures.  Not as typical in later versions.

Interesting.  So is the loopy signature okay?  What are your thoughts on the ball?

I’m not saying the photo is ok. You asked about the loops. The baseline in the photo is way off. I don’t like it at all. 

The main reason I think it might be real is it is on a sketch [supposedly] signed by him and the artist (limited to 250).  I’ve seen a few other ones out there with different serial #s authenticated by PSA and Beckett.  It feels like an uncommon piece to forge, as the forger would have to counterfeit the sketch, artist’s signature and Mantle.

Here is one of the others I found.

those are fine.  can you post the entire photo of your print?  

Sure thing.  Here is the one I’m looking at.  At the very least, this signature feels much more rushed than the other examples.

Jimmy Amore.  Small world, I used to play baseball with him.  Great artist.  The ink doesn't seem to match the age of the others.  And the signature still concerns me.  The loops appear to be over-exaggerated considering when these were likely signed.  I would be hesitant on this, and wait for some of the others to comment.

the ink and the screwy baseline are what concern me about the print.

The seller also has this Mantle available.  Kind of cool, but I’m super cautious about any sharpie penned Mantles.  Ballpoint Mantles I can usually spot good vs bad, but not other inks for some reason.  Would you avoid this one too?

this one looks ok



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