If anybody is looking for an authentic signed Mickey Mantle photo, this is the one.  The signature is perfect and the photo has no condition issues.  I fully guarantee the authenticity of the signature, please feel free to ask for opinion on the site.  Please excuse the camera glare.   I am asking $159 plus shipping plus any PayPal fees.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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nice signature Steve

Thank you.  

Thanks for adding your valued voice - these contributions are what is the hope is for the new B/S/T Forum :)

Well done! Thank you so much Steve. We are on the way I believe...

"...and add "Buyers - make sure you're comfortable with authenticity before you buy" to your listing...."

"10) Please await some opinions from our members before selling - it is hoped that members will add their opinions to posts."

"NOTE: Use of the Buy/Sell/Trade Forum is an agreement to abide by these rules. Further, use of the Buy/Sell/Trade Forum is to agree that AML is not liable in any way for anything."

Current New B/S/T Rules

Buyers, please make sure you are comfortable with the authenticity of the signature before you purchase.  Please seek out opinions for your assurance.

Thank you again. This is a darn good model. Excellent. 


I am sorry to say this item can't be sold anywhere other than in the Buy/Sell/Trade Forum. However, as your post is such a good model for the B/S/T it will be most welcome there as soon as it is opened. Apologies for any confusion.

With best wishes,


Not a problem.  I already have offers for more than I was asking.  When do you think the BST forum will be reopened?

I can't say just yet - but Steve is indeed working on it. Thanks for your understanding. :)


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