Hello All, 

Here is where I am now (Thursday Jun 24th, 2021):

NOTE: All offerings will be reviewed by the mods in place and are subject to revision/correction etc.. 

1) Every autograph offered must have a meaningful lifetime guarantee of authenticity between and mutually understood by the seller and buyer. ALM can not enforce returns or refunds - this is an honor-code system. However, any member found to be knowingly selling forgeries will be permanently banned. A group of members led by Steve can settle disputes where the buyer says it's not real and the seller maintains it is. Use of the Buy/Sell/Trade Forum is an agreement to abide by Steve's decision.

2) New members must wait 30 days to sell and must be active (at least 2 substantive posts a week) before offering items.

3) Be sure to state your return policy. 2 weeks for problem items/misrepresented items. The seller can set the return privilege terms if the buyer just changes their mind. If there's a disagreement the buyer and seller can't settle themselves, Steve will decide. Use of the Buy/Sell/Trade Forum is an agreement to abide by Steve's decision.

4) Sellers - do your homework to make sure you're confident the item is genuine before you offer it for sale, and add "Buyers - make sure you're comfortable with authenticity before you buy" to your listing.

5) Large clear images of front and back must be shown.

6) Please describe the condition of the item verbally. All flaws must be mentioned.

7) Are you the original owner? Make sure the buyer understands if your certificate is non-transferable.

8) Any certificates/LOA's must be shown clearly.

9) Quick Opinions/Pre-certs may not be used to assist a sale.

10) Please await some opinions from our members before selling - it is hoped that members will add their opinions to posts.

11) Everything should be publicly priced for a sale or trade, terms posted. Shipping costs must be stated - they may be included or worked out between the seller and buyer. If International shipping is acceptable please mention this. Buyer assumes all customs fees/import taxes etc.

12) Be sure to state PP payment accepted only without using "Friends and Family" (buyers - using "Friends and Family" removes protections in place for you).

NOTE: Use of the Buy/Sell/Trade Forum is an agreement to abide by these rules. Further, use of the Buy/Sell/Trade Forum is to agree that AML is not liable in any way for anything.

NOTE: NO chasing down new members looking for something you have and want to sell. Absolutely no. That's because a lot of new people think that all longtime members know their stuff and the seller may not. If the buying member wants something they can put a want ad in the group or a member who has it can offer it for sale in the group.

Any further suggestions? I tried to keep it down to 12.

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An excellent list! All I could think of is to state shipping costs and whether the seller ships internationally and costs involved and that the buyer is responsible for all customs costs etc

Thank you!

Dan, I worked in your suggestions, thank you.

Thanks to all who made suggestions!

Thank you, Eric, this is great!

Mods will try to catch authenticity concerns, and should not approve autographs they aren't comfortable with, but they won't have the time and expertise to authenticate every listing. No one knows it all. If a moderator is concerned, they should not approve it, and the BST lead will handle it from there (whoever that will be).

But members can post authenticity opinions on ones they know. I hope most listings will be independently authenticated by a reputable professional, but that won't be mandatory. We should have something like "Make sure you're comfortable with authenticity before you buy" that sellers should put at the bottom of every listing.

Sellers that aren't careful or educated enough about authenticity will not be allowed to sell unless it's certified by a reputable TPA. Sellers who just throw items up there to see what sticks will not be allowed to sell ever again.

We have to make sure members aren't gaming the system in any way.

How many items should sellers be able to post a day? 2-3? Should there be a limit of how many live listings they can have up at a time? And we need to make sure people post SOLD in the headline as soon as something is.

Another question: Should we allow members to post a link to their item on eBay as long as they describe it well here? I don't necessarily have a problem with that but I'm not sure what's best.

All comments and suggestions welcome folks.

Thanks Steve! :)

Good points all. I included one in the list already (...Buyers - make sure you are comfortable..." etc). I would think 5 items for sale at any one time for each seller should be good - sellers will know when they can post a new item. I believe we want a calm river, not a flood those keeping tabs on the offerings can't keep up with. Links to eBay auctions can be made already in other forums here - perhaps our B/S/T Forum should be kept to itself?

All looks good, great work! I am sure the vast majority of people will have no issues with these and it should help get a few things selling between members

That looks great, good work Eric and Steve.

5 items sound like a manageable number of items. The only thing is members who’s selling their collections, but I guess it isn’t more difficult than they will have to sell 5 items at a time.

Thanks Cogo :)

Good point, Cogo. In the case of collections and such, the seller can put several into one as long as they include pics, title it accordingly and write good descriptions, and people can use the search engine or just have fun seeing what they can find in them.

I like more items for sale as it gives buyers more to look at. I would make the limit higher as some might be selling entire collections.

I hesitate asking this due to the work involved, but what about having separate BST groups for Music/Hollywood/Sports/Historical?



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