Currently due to be released 18th of Feb 2022. 

So far I've only noticed it on Australian stores, so am not sure what the international shipping options are.

JB Hi-Fi (specifies that it is a signed "slick card")

Sanity (does not specify exactly what is signed: "signed copy")

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I bought one from sanity it says signed cd  the shipping was more than jbh, Jbh was half price but untracked and 2 to 6 weeks for delivery we have to see how it goes

Thanks for adding the extra shipping info

JB's website seems to be a little rinky-dink tonight. Keeps saying invalid phone number. I got tired of fighting with it so I just ordered a copy from Sanity. Would rather have a signed CD anyway. 

Thanks for posting this Rose :)

No problem Steve, grateful to this community 

Just chatted online with the people from Sanity. Asked if it was a signed art card or booklet and they stated they will not know until they receive them from the publisher.  

It's extremely unlikely there'd be any difference between the Sanity and JB offers - they'll both be signed 'art slick'.  It doesn't really worry me, as you can just slip it in front of the CD cover and it looks pretty much the same thing.


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