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Was going to add this to my other thread, but that was getting to long and I was getting confused as to what was being talked about.  Here are two more items supposedly obtained in NYC by a long time Broadway collector.  I can see the differences between these and the TTMs which are usually inscribed and include a 'My Best Wishes'.  The TTMs are also much neater with every letter.  If anyone can explain what to look for in a genuine Jack signature I would appreciate it.

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Hello Steve,

I found some more certified examples, a tournaments sign-in sheet, and some secretarials to see - might help you:

Jack Lemmon

Looking for opinions on the playbill and sheet music. thanks


do you have any TTM's to post in the other thread?

No I dont .  I have the 2 items above, and like I said they were not obtained TTM but from a Broadway collector.  Trying to determine if they are authentic.  He said he got them in person in NYC

The same was said of mine - seller says in person theater NYC 1970's/80's but he will happily take it back. None of what I see posted here or elsewhere as secretarials look anything like your PB or my SP (which are perhaps the closest match I can find).

I would like to see a known TTM. Several.

so you think your SP and my PB and sheet music can be authentic?  I know there are members here who know Jack very well and have studied his TTM vs.  in person signature.  I hope they will respond.  Maybe I should have posted these in the other thread, but I was getting lost with all the postings there.

Going from what I see - unless everything I have posted as authentic is secretarial I think so, yes. I would love to see these TTM's that are said to be so close

Here is the sign-in sheet, your Playbill and my SP - there are others in the other thread):

Click for full image:

Can anyone else give an opinion of the playbill and sheet music.  There must be Lemmon experts on here??



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