Saw this one and was interested in hearing your thoughts regarding authenticity or lack thereof.   I've intentionally left off any certification or lack thereof information in order not to bias anyone.   Pics aren't the greatest, but it's all I've got.  Did Ali ever sign baseballs this shakily but yet with full name signature?   Is it an authentic Muhammad Ali autograph? 



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This is a great topic. I've never seen an Ali signed baseball, but I'm sure he has signed them...he's such a generous signer. Ali has signed so shakily since the mid-90s or so that a shaky signature on a baseball especially makes sense. And the signature looks naturally signed...not forced or slowly signed.

But this is well above my pay grade for all I'll say is I would not be surprised if Ali experts think it's good.

what kind of ball is it on?  there are several things about this autograph that I do not believe are consistent with his signature over the years. the first hint would be the mispelling of his first name.

I didn't even check the spelling...

Here's a couple more pics.  The Michael Jordan is Upper Deck Authenticated and was signed in August of 2005 at his basketball camp in Santa Barbara.  The Ali purports to be be from before October 2004 as that is when the Cert for the Ali is dated.  The baseball is a Gulf Coast League ball.

Any opinions on the Ali?? My personal belief is that someone wasted a great oppportunity to get Jordan by having him sign a bogus Ali ball but wanted to see what others thought.


there are a lot of things wrong.  first, it does not resemble in any way, his signature of the last 10 years.  I also agree with Mike A, and more so now that it has been dated. I don't see any way Ali could have signed this ball, this cleanly, in his condition.  but even without the date, the signature is very questionable.


I've collected Ali sigs for 16 years and never seen an example like this.

Do take it with a grain of salt, for I am only one person. Others on this site may disagree with me.

Personally, I could not say that this is an authentic Ali sig.




Thanks for the opinions, I personally believe it to be a fake Ali and someone wasted a prime chance to get a nice Jordan by having Michael autograph a fake Ali ball.     I watched it sell on ebay this past weekend and figured someone was getting burned.






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