Muhammad Ali - TWA Postcard "World Champion" SIG - Authentic?

Have found several similar Muhammad Ali "World Champion" signed and dated airline and other postcards online.  It seems consistent with other examples and hope it is authentic (and wish my name was "Dennie" if it is).  Appreciate opinions and comments.  Thank you.

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SIDEBAR:  Not sure why my images are upside down when I upload.  They are correctly oriented when I view them.  Sorry and appreciate any tips.


Quick update.  I came across several exemplars at which seems legit based on a few references on AML.  My posted Ali SIG seems to match up nicely to the exemplars they show from the period.  However, appreciate any comments or concerns.

I also found several similar slabbed examples including PSA/DNA, JSA, Beckett's, etc., and similar sold items on generally respected auction websites.  I know there are mixed reviews of TPAs, but the totality of the examples I found make me feel this is authentic.  However, I am always concerned that I am naively comparing to forgeries from a prolific forger (a lesson I learned early on thanks to being fortunate enough to connect with Frank Caiazzo regarding a Beatles signed album - he not only told me it was a forgery but actually could connect the album with the known forger).

Please share your POVs.  Thank you. 




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