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Would someone take a look at this Ali auto and give me their opinion? I got it in the mid 90's and it was authenticated by the first company I think did authentication. Score board or score card in the 70's. I have it upstairs in a fireproof box. Thanks for your opinions. Scott

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imo late 80s early 90s signature but silver sharpie was not introduced until 2002.

if other silver fine tip markers were around in the late 80s early 90s then i feel it could be authentic, if not someone has had a really good go.

This is not an authentic autograph in my opinion. here is a really good reference:


that is what i used, the style of the signature matches the dates ive said, but the problem is the silver sharpie being used 10 years before it introduction.

Thanks for all your imput. I have been using a permanent silver marker since 1992. I used it to mark my Finns when I go on scuba diving trips. I don't know if it was a sharpie but I used silver because I have black Finns. Does anyone know when scoreboard went out of business? Someone told me around 91 or 92.



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