My Dad has a bunch of signed 8×10's of Hall Of Famers... Real Or Fake??

Hello everyone, my dad has a bunch of signed pics,balls and caches he purchased about 30 years ago while working in NYC. The card store guy told him they were all signed at a 500 HomeRun card show. I have a few here with me, pics included, and a ton more. Any help is much appreciated!

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That is laughable stuff.  My goodness.

To put it nicer, no they are not authentic. The “W” in Williams is way off, along with other issues and the Mantle’s have several problems. Sorry

Sorry,  but that Mantle pieces are simply a train wreck, not just "several problems."

I appreciate the reply. It's a shame that there are so many crooked card guys out there, I remember being in this guy's shop as a 12 yr. old, and he sold my dad alot of these pics. I wish I could find him today! But I guess you get people like that in all types of businesses. I have some other pics as well, and some other stuff that came from other people, I'll post them in the next couple days. At least once I confirm something as a fake I can trash it and make 1 less fake out in the world. Thanks buddy.

Jason, sorry for the bad news, but unfortunately there are more forgeries out there, than there are authentic autographs.

The scammers/dirtbags have always taken advantage of people who do not know autographs.

On Ebay, the forgery business/industry is huge, and it's huge because Ebay doesn't care.

Jason, technology has just gotten better and forensic identification of signatures. I don’t know how old you are but when I was 12, a lot of card shops had these same type of fake autographs in there. My card shop owner in the 80’s was an elderly man who when I look back had a ton of fakes in the shop. I just don’t think the shop owners were aware, I am optimistic about that. These days there is no reason for anybody who has a business not to know. There is a small population of collectors that do purchase these photos as long as you sell them as not authentic. You can probably get $5 a pop.

A very good point is made here. In my mind, alot of people simply view autographs as a fringe hobby and simply cant fathom why in the world anyone would forge a signature.

In effect, the forger sells his fakes to an unsuspecting dealer or buyer at such a low price (who needs actual value for a fake) that even the mark-up price is fairly attractive to the next uninformed buyer. 

Much easier to get away with then and I agree that there really should be no excuses in today’s market. The information, and tons of it, is a google search away.

The uninformed become both victim and unwitting perpetrator in this cycle. Knowledge is power.

Michael, you make a great point.

Some people actually do question why anyone would forge signatures/autographs.

I appreciate the info, honestly I'd rather just get rid of them, at least I kno its 1 less fake auto out in the world. In my situation I believe the card shop guy was aware. He claimed to be at the show they came from. It's crazy because I have seen authentic auto's of these same exact photos, that's what Gabe me hope. But thanks for the message.


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