Has any one herd of this person 

My Vinyl Sales

he seems to have a lot autograph for sale, just wondering if anyone herd or bought from him ?.

158 Walmersley Road
Bury, Lancs BL9 3PJ
United Kingdom

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I naively purchased from his site called backstage passes. Have a search on google. Type in Carl Kenny and backstage passes



Hopefully, you got your money back. Every item I've seen from Carl Kenny and Backstage Passes is a terrible fake

A lot of problems with fake  return address and many emails . Oh well you live and learn. I’m amazed he’s so blatant. I guess there’s no real legal comeback for these guys. So it’s worth them doing it. 
take care


If you paid via Paypal you can raise a claim and if not then go to your credit card company. Failing that go to Trading Standards. May take time but you will get your money back

Yes Carl Kenny works out of the same mailing address as my vinyl sales ,

I have been doing a bit of investigation names I have found they been going under 

my vinyl sales

les even. 
les evenson 



Carl Kenny Facebook has now disappeared after a comment I left he’s still got a website up and running 

looks think he got more confidence

funny if you go in the website ,if you try to buy the payment doesn’t work so you have to contact take him and guess what you got he ask for a bank transfer, 

if I find anything else about this scammer I let you all know ,

I haven’t fished with him yet 

Good work. I imagine he's had a few charge backs or Paypal cases go against him so knows bank transfer is the easy way. I know Richard on here reported him to Trading Standards so if any others in the UK can do this then they may take action as this guy has no morals and will not stop until taken down

I have contacted the police, action fraud and citizen’s advice, but nothing has been done about this so far.  I have just contacted crime stoppers too. I reported his Facebook page and hope something is done about that soon.

He contacted me and told me he had moved to Manchester, so I am glad you have his address, I can update the action fraud contact with that address.

He needs to be stopped and fast.

Hi, I stupidly got done by this guy too and have been chatting to a really nice authentication guy called Garry King. He says that this guy has been doing this on and of for 20 years and has been in court a couple of times but always seems to get away with it. Apparently one of the problems is that it just bounces between Trading Standards and the police. Neither of them want to deal with it as funding and priorities come into play. His real name is Larry Bore if you want to do some more digging.

He does some a background in the industry which is why a lot of what he says sounds genuine.

BTW, the backstagepasses website is down now too. At least he wont be scamming anyone else for a little while but i'm sure it wont last long.

That's good to know. Thanks for the info. Interesting to hear he does have some industry background, but his tales are just to good to be true to be believable.

So the website is now down now but looks like he’s been at this previously under the pseudonyms

@namesonvinyl (Facebook) since 2015

and on ebay user = ebriggate since 2007

They also use the name Laz DeMusic

158a Walmersley Road
United Kingdom

Let’s close in and get this C**t

Laz Tobaz

Newbie here;

I got caught out by this guy a few years ago with a Police signed album. I think it was under the Les Evenson name then and I'm sure it was from his long gone eBay listings. Didn't pay a lot for it, so I just put it down to my inexperience. Having said that, the constant emails that I have had ever since are a least a source of entertainment, and his back stories are pure Jackanory. Just how many signed copies of Abbey Road can one guy have? (All in Sharpie pens of course). I don't know how much of this stuff he shifts, but the rarity of all his stuff, if genuine, would surely be worth a fortune. I'm still keeping my eye on him.




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