Hi All:  Here's another clue for you all.  I picked up a fan scrapbook from early on in their career.  It included numerous verified signatures, many newspaper articles and a strange variation copy of On Safairy With Whide Hunter (typed out, not handwritten, but different nonetheless, it included the word Apple instead of apply before python, another Beatle mystery).

It included a clipping from News of the World from 1963, which had the strange MACSHOW written on the page.  Given the Hamburg connection, and the early date I always found it curious how a Liverpool fan would have written this on this clipping, and why?

I know she was a huge John fan, and a true fan of all four both pre and post Ringo as she had all their phone numbers written on her Cavern Club card.  I know it's remote and reaching, but does anyone think this might have been written in her book by John or any of the others?  Ironically enough it is written by an article on forgers.  Also, I think Macshow in german would have been Makshcau or makshow.  I'm totally lost on this but appreciate your input.  Forgive me for the banality but it's Covid lockdown.  Thanks

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