I hope someone could help me make an informed decision before buying. I have a hard time identifying real Stallone signatures for any reason. Do either of these look good to someone who has a lot of experience with his sigs?


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JXE you are best off seeing Jason Thanos about Sly autos he would be the best to talk to.

Great idea! Now I just need to get his attention...

I have sent him a email when he has time I am sure he will let you know.
Rite JXE just got a message back from Jason he said he can't get his password to work but asked me to leave this on his behalf,

Can you pass this message the first IN PERSON graff of sly I have is from 1994 when he was leaving at the Dorchester Hotel filming here and he signed this Oscar photo.

The last autograph I have had from him again In person is the shirt so if he can compare them maybe he can see for himself.
Oscar photo signed in 94
Attachments: No photo uploads here
The shirt signed now this is a full signature the best you will get
Attachments: No photo uploads here

Thanks so much for posting this info. Unfortunately, I'm still not seeing it for myself. Is Jason suggesting they aren't authentic? First of all, his exemplars are awesome!

I also looked at these officially signed lithographs; but it seems like his signature has so many variations that I can't personally tell about the 2 I posted.



Would anyone else care to comment about the 2 in question?

No Jason never said anything about the psa/dna autos or to say they are not authentic was just showing what he has got in-person him self and for you to see by that.

Thanks a lot. Unfortunately, I still just can't tell. There are many actors whose sigs I know inside and out, but Sly is not one of them.

Okay, I might have found one I'm even more comfortable with. Even though this feels like a convo between just Kato and me, would anyone care to opine on this?


I used the following for comparison. Both items were sold by Frank Stallone directly:

I hope sly will sign like this at the comic con! Here is my rocky 3 signed photo I got from a great dealer in the UK I just wanted to double check that's why I added it to a discussion before. But I must say we need to see more in person examples from sly from others on this site that others have to help us all.
Sorry JXE I hope others will join in on this matter.



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