Hello, I need help on whether or not this autographed picture frame of Greta Garbo could be real. I have seen most of the real signatures of Greta Garbo on her websites and this looks very similar to those signatures. My Grandfather was a big Garbo fan and had a lot of Garbo memorabilia. Garbo did not live  far from my Grandfather's apartment in NYC he saw her walking the street many times.  He had this frame for many years and the signature does not look like a fake at all and the frame is beautiful.  Should I get it Authenticated? I want to get a opinion on someone who knows about signatures because it's 100$ to get any Garbo signature authenticated. Thank you

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The frame was signed in pen.

My grandfather said it was real.

even through the blurr it looks authentic. And with a story like that, it could very well be authentic.

I wouldn't waste money on a TPA unless you are selling it

You will get better answers if you post a crisp clear photo of the sig

Hello thanks for your answer. The Blurr is just from the cell phone picture I took. The signature is not blurry at all. I  will take a better picture of the signature shortly. Thanks again I appreciate it.

Hello,  I was able to take another picture of the signature. Still a little blurry but I think we can get a better look now. I just have a regular smart phone so it doesn't take the best pictures I will have to buy a good digital camera so that the pictures can come out very nice and clear. 


a bit better

from that pic and your story, I'd say authentic 

sometimes stories do matter and I am a firm believer in that

Thanks so much.  My Grandfather had it for a long time and took good pride in it. There aren't many people around today who lived through her era or know much of Garbo so things like this are pretty hard to find.  My grandfather told me a story of Garbo once of his friend who saw Garbo walking on the sidewalk this was when she was older around  late 60's early 70's and he approached her told her how much he liked her movies and she just ran across the road and almost got hit by a truck,  haha a true story told by my grandfather to me. Garbo hated people bothering her. My grandfather died in January this year he was in his mid-80's and had a big collection of a lot of items he collected over all the years he lived in New York.

great stuff and nice to have some great items to remember him by

post more of his collection if you wish

Thanks he really has some great items that he collected for a lot of years. I also have a T. S. Eliot Book which is signed by T.S. Eliot himself the book is called Selected Essays. My grandfather told me that the signature was real on that too.  Any idea on how much that book could be worth?

I don't know but you could post it here for opinions

Thank you, I will do that shortly!


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