Need help with some Hollywood items - Ed O’Neill, Randy Quaid, and Peter Billingsley

I am usually a sports collector and living in Pittsburgh it was always pretty easy to get the local guys I wanted. I am finally getting around to putting up my stuff in my house, and I’ve always  some items from my favorite shows/movies from growing up. I ordered the Billingsley and the O’Neill from a shop The OC Dugout out of CA. They have Beckett COAs, but I am alway leery of 3rd party authentications.

The Quaid came from an eBay seller that seems to be legit, Real-Mccoy2, but I am always paranoid when I haven’t got the item in person. Just looking for some additional opinions on these pieces. Thanks in advance. 

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Though I don't have any specific knowledge of the signatures and share your skepticism about TPAs in general, I do know know that Quaid, Billingsly and O'Neil/Sagal have all done fairly big private signings the past couple of years. Decent chance that's where these are from.

The Ed O'Neill is good.  OC Dugout brought the entire cast in for a signing like 10 years ago. 

I have a few pieces from O'Neill and everything matches up

Thank you!!! It’s just an area that I just have no knowledge of. I haven’t been heavy into even getting anything signed for about 5 years and this just is so foreign to me.  



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