NEED THOUGHTS - PAAS\Mike Frost joins with Ali's ex wife to authenticate Ali autos

Guys I just found this. I want to know your thoughts on it.
Mike frost and PAAS have signed a deal with muhammad Ali's ex wife Khalilah Ali to authenticate his autographs.

I wanna know what everyone thinks about it

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Mike who in there right mind would use your service to Authenticate items. It seems very interesting that a lot of your stuff turns up in Australia that isn't right.

So how many of the rings has she sold there is one currently on eBay and another one on the Mears Auction
There are at least 3 with Khalilah paperwork in circulation...2 for sure from the eBay seller with hundreds of rings. That's fishy to me. I mean a Guy that sells replica sports rings...
Not only that but why would she be given rings when she wasn't his wife at that time, and why at least 3!!
All the other authentic rings I've seen were a lot higher quality aka had some sort of diamond.

What do you think about the rings AC?

I think they are clearly replica rings that the seller is dishonestly peddling as being Ali's personal rings (as per his item description)
I don't think they aren't right but the problem is a normal collector will think they are because of the paperwork that comes with the item. This is the main problem with this whole thread that Mike (the expert just ask him) is avoiding. If a fake item is sold with paperwork from Khalilah a normal collector will think it's real just because of the story behind it.
What's interesting to me is the wording used on the letter. Check it out
Says they are rings made for the entourage etc to commemorate his 3 championships but couldn't anyone make rings and say they made them for him? Like can't I make some rings and say I made them for him and his entourage. Lol

yup. and I love they sent them to his then ex wife. 

And another cash grab lie possibly exposed. 

any updates? 



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