I picked this and a bunch of other 8x10's from a friend i've known since middle school. I'd like a second opinion just to keep him honest please.

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I don't think it's good.


Sorry Jon but I don’t like it either. 


Can I get some more opinions please?

Hi John, Ive had recent interest in acquiring a NY, and they seem to vary widely from indecipherable scribbles to initials to some semblance of actual letters of a name, lol! That said, I would go for rock solid providence or a sealed, signed book from Neil in order to feel confident in any purchase of his signature. Personally, I wouldnt put any stock in a cert unless it came from one of the Big 3, and even then, I would be cautious. I would say no on this one without being any kind of an expert on NY. Just some dude putting in 2 cents.

Thank you. I appreciate your 2 cents!

The guy I bought this lot from taught me the way into the private airfield stars sometimes use and showed me the only unlocked door to the major concert venue in town. I've known him for 24 years. Not as friends though, just fellow autograph "Junkies" I'm pretty confident in all his 'Graphs, but I've never got a second opinion to keep him honest.

Well, if nothing else, thats cool!! 

Another thought...is your friend First Row Memorabilia? If he got in person, why would he have it authenticated? Especially NOT by one of the Big 3?

I don't like it.




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