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I’m excited to present a set I recently acquired from Frank Caiazzo. It’s from 1966, a rare year for Beatles signature sets.

The autographs were obtained on August 11, 1966, when the Beatles were in route to Chicago to kick off their 1966 North American (and final) concert tour. This flight went from London to Boston, and this ticket folder was signed for a 16-year-old girl who happened to be in the first class cabin with the Beatles. This was a historic day for the Beatles, because after this flight to Boston, they switched planes and flew from Boston to Chicago, where shortly after they arrived, they held a press conference, and John Lennon had to apologize for some statements he had made in an interview earlier in the year, when he had said that the Beatles “are bigger than Jesus“ and “Christianity will shrink”. The provenance for this item includes additional ticket paperwork, an audio CD containing a radio report from that day, in which the girl was interviewed about her encounter, and also includes an original draft of a paper she wrote about her experience for her high school class. The signed folder measure 4 1/4 x 8 1/4.

As of this acquisition, I’m blessed to have complete sets from the years 63, 64, 65, 66, and 67.

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An absolutely wonderful item with an extraordinary backstory and great documentation! Congratulations!!!


Wonderful , Can you show us what seat the passenger was in her name & flight number inside ? 

Do you know the seating of the members of the Beatles ? 

Interesting item from Frank .

James, I was reluctant to post too much. But, since you asked..😉   Here’s a sampling of some of the papers. Her 1st class seat number isn’t filled out. In her school paper, she details the experience and her encounter. She was seated right behind the Beatles, who were seated 4 across, Paul directly in front of her. 

Nice set -- looks like at least 10 grand. 

10 grand would be an absolute bargain price from a top dealer. I would think that even a lesser-known UK auction house would achieve that for this package, at least including premiums. 

BEAUTIFUL condition...Congrats!

Super Cool!  Congrats!

Pan Am flyers back in the day always scored the best autographs! :

Very nice Marc, as always nice to see new fresh items , usually  the seat number would be penned in black sharpie & crossed checked red marked prior to boarding through the terminal on route to the gate number  boarding in the 1960's but blank rear information I've never seen this ever before on Pan Am folders as seen many  before too , its always nice to know where everyone is seated 1st Class rather than Coach on the rear folder  - Strange the name has been penned off too ? 

But nevertheless hope you like it,  looks great from Frank  & Congratulations.

The name is on all the documents. I just redacted it in my photos. Frank mentioned that he wasn’t sure if she would want her name posted on the internet. So, being respectful of that. 

James, here’s the back of the signed folder. They crossed out “Economy” but still didn’t designate 1st class seat number. 

Just got it back from the framer. 


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