Any thoughts on this Nirvana signed photo I've been offered? I can't find another Krist Novoselic signature like this one...

Thanks in advance. 

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I had a signed photo of this same image signed by the band on a UK tour. I know that they also signed 5 photos for the press office at the time so it could have been from that signing, but I didn’t see the others being signed.

It does look like mine that they signed, so this could be genuine, but would need to know more details on how the seller obtained the photo.

John Brennan has a photo like this in rr auction.

  • Hi Richard, which UK press office were the 5 Nirvana photographs signed at out of interest?? Cheers Tim.

Anton Brookes - Bad Moon PR

The Nirvana signed photo that looks good is very likely one of the five they signed at the press office. I bought this from Frasers Autographs who once had a gallery on The Strand in London. I bought it from their March/April 1997 auction and still have it along with the auction catalogue. It was unconditionally guaranteed authentic for life. Before I bid on it I was assured by gallery archivist Poppy Collinson that it was 100% authentic and that Frasers only sourced from their close connections. So this is interesting. I still have the signed photo which Paul Fraser Autograph dealer has valued at around £9000. Whether I'd ever part with it is another thing though. Cheers Tim.

It would be difficult to get a professional opinion on that it's a bit of who had it signed.

I don't think that the one you posted is real.

Here's a comparo of the one you posted and the RR/John Brennan one Paul posted. RR/Brennan on the left and the one you're asking about on the right.

Here is the one the belongs to Richard Booth before. 

Thanks everyone - I really appreciate your collective expertise.

Hmmm, I don't like the Krist sig here. It's way off. Also, the Grohl is atypical and overly accentuated with a curvy flourish. Kurt's graph is obscured by the dark background and hard to evaluate it's integrity. I'm leaning toward fake on this one.



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