One of my favorite 60's singers. Eric Burdon. It's a bit different from what I am used to seeing. Anybody know if it might be real? I am looking to find this LP signed by him.

It's for sale from a seller located in Australia.

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I've gotten him numerous times (he's a bit tougher now). He almost always does the peace symbol (and he often makes it look like Mercedes logo ). I don't like this one, though. It's a bit too....neat.

Agree with Josh - its very neat.

Here's mine from 1966 with Chas Chandler. Ironically, I haven't got Alan Price to sign it yet and he plays live once a month in a pub literally 500 yards from my house...(Bulls Head, Barnes, SW London) - MUST take it along next month.


Here are my sets from the first and final (from 1966) original lineups:

It might be because all of these examples are from the mid 60's....the signatures that I am most familiar with come from relatively current times and are a lot different than these.  Knowing how the business is, possibly all of the current ones, that seem to be plentiful, just might be mostly fake.  Never know.  Especially myself.  Thanks fellas for helping me out.


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