One of my John Lennon autographs from my collection, thoughts on this very welcome.

After my near slip up with the Paul Mccartney Autograph what I posted on here last week, I have been going through some of my collection today and came across one of my first ever purchases of John Lennon.At the time i thought it was spot on but im not so sure now,so I will see what you all say. 

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take a look at the flow of the signature. I think you can then draw your own conclusion on this.

looks a bit slow in places to me now but back when I got the autograph it looked fine thats years of understanding of flow of signatures,also was not expensive.  

Hmmmm I think the item speaks for itself!!!!


It screams for itself, although it's interesting in that it shows what John's signature would have looked at if he had lived long enough to contract Parkinson's. 8O)

thanks glad its interesting also thank god it was cheap!! 

Ouch!!   No thank you! This was drawn not signed!!!

This is why I love this site,I will not buy anything without opinions from on here anymore



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