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Lol, I bought this so fast before that I didn't even pay attention. I thought the album name was OOOH AH AH AH AH based on the title.. Der... 

"Red vinyl signed by the band"... sooo... insert? Lol...

Looks like I'll be emailing to get $ back

Ah bummer... I have their autographs already. I really wanted a signed vinyl, not another insert. 

I missed this one and would like a 12x12 (even an insert) any interest in trying to sell instead of email? 

Damn... had problems with the payment in real time, and it sold out :(
Hoping they will do a signed CD version too!

Got mine today. Sealed inside the record. Has a different UPC stuck on the back on the shrinkwrap.

At least the signatures were fine. Hate that it's a lyric sheet

Yeah but at least it is better than a lot of them. Placement is nice enough. And they used silver instead of the usual black even with a dark background.

Mine looks the same as yours.  And agree 100% good to see them using silver in dark  areas (looking at you Robert Lamm of Chicago, LOL) and also glad to see a band using half decent paint pens.  I think I was one of the last to get my order in and I'm very pleased how this one turned out.

Cool, signatures look like the ones from the previous album's signing, here's my copy



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