I bought this autograph from a Danish autograph collector. He told me he got the autograph in-person when Arnold visited Denmark.

I would like to hear your opinions. I think it looks authentic:)


Troels from DK

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100% authentic 

Thanks for your reply RobTwoRs:)

I'm not familiar with his older sigs, but if this is recent, I don't like it

The seller told me it was from around 2003, so not to recent.

Agree Bryan. Even IF good you’ll never realize full value as experienced collectors will not buy it.

It’s a rushed example but it’s not terrible. 
I consider myself an experienced collector and I’d buy it. 
It’s an authentic Arnold auto just because he hasn’t signed every letter of his name doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value. The main thing is that it’s authentic and it is. 
You could make a nice terminator or predator display or anything you wish for. Here is a vintage sig I used to own very similar signature…

Hi RobTwoRs

Thanks for the feedback. I am very happy I bought the autograph and its authentic;). It looks very similar to the one you have owned. I think it looks okay, although a little rushed.

I am thinking of using it as a present for my father if I can get myself to give it away. My fatger is using Arnold's workout book,

I have found a trustworthy Danish seller of autographs. I have also bought an autograph of Jeff Goldblum, Gene Wilder and Daniel Day-Lewis from him, and they all got authenticated by ACOA.

This autograph of Arnold got authenticated by RobTwoRs:)

Thanks very much-

Troels from DK 

A very good example, though a little hasty, exactly the original.

Sometimes you can never tell but I’m happy this is real.




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