I've been looking into Outlaw Hobbies as of recently. I'm not quite sure what to think. I've been watching their instagram and they seem to post a lot of videos of the celebs actually signing some stuff' and it looks to be in similar areas in Vancouver.has anyone dea,t with them personally? Can anyone take a look at some of their autographs and tell me if they think they are legit? I've looked into discussions here but none were actually helpful to me. If anyone can help out, it'd be appreciated.


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I've seen the mixed reviews as well, and I know what you mean. The autographs I recognize from them in the past have seemed fine, but some knowledgable people have voiced concerns in the past.

I know, I don't know what to make of them. I like their instagram page, it has videos. I'm almost positive that the Katie McGrath autos are real, and they have plenty of her in video signing stuff. But wether it is the item actually signed in video that their selling is what I'm not sure of. I would feel mor comfortable seeing as many of the individual photos getting signed in pictures than of video. I've found what I think to be some good stuff on the site, but I'm by no means an expert on anything. I'm still classified as a "newbie." But it's the mixed reviews that confused me. I'm tying to build up my DC tv autograph collection. Outlaw Hobbies is stationed in Vancouver, where they film. So it makes sense that they see a lot of the stars in airports and at cons. I just wanted someone's opinions on if they're items look legitimate.

I have seen them sell 100% fake autographs, especially Harrison Ford items. Buyer beware.

Thanks Mike, I appreciate the response. Dissapointed to hear they've sold fakes. I was going to buy from them but now I'll just look elsewhere to finish up my DC tv collection.



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