OZZY OSBOURNE (SIGNED Limited Edition Softpack CD Autographed Insert)

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I'm in the US, looks like they don't ship here, but might be worth the gamble for those that live in the UK if he's doing in person signings. Still definitely a gamble though. 

I wouldn't, keep in mind the same thing happened for Ordinary Man release. They sold signed CD's online which were fake but he did an in-store signing at Amoeba Records around the same time. 

Oh yeah I forgot all about that. So that may not be a good sign of anything. I got so annoyed and pissed off dealing with the last ones... between returns and their terrible customer service it wasn't worth the gamble for me. 

Thanks. Did you get his full autograph? Not sure when he switched over to the crappy V with a loop autograph he's got now. I loved AVED, it's pretty crazy, some scenes are pretty outrageous, but I thought they did a good job keeping it true to the originals. But I'm a big fan of all of them so any Evil Dead Im probably going to like. 

I got this the second time I met him on his book tour. The first time he could only sign his book because it was at a Borders or B & N. But a couple days later he did an in-store at the semi-famous Thomas Video in Royal Oak. He had told us if we came he would sign something for us other than the book. Got my picture taken and got these 2 things signed (and I have the book from the previous meeting).

That's awesome. That's actually a really good autograph from him. I have quite a few of his autograph but none signed in person. Mostly trading cards. I was trying to get all his signed cards for awhile. AOD is my favorite of the Evil Dead franchise. That's definitely in my top 5 movies. I'd like to add Sam and Ted Raimi to my poster too but I got most of the cast other than I think 2 of the older ones that were passed away before I started collecting. Eventually I want to do an AOD and ED1 cast poster too. 

No idea if this is true but I was just reading about these on a Reddit thread about the JBhifi ones and someone posted this. Not sure what proof if any they had, unless JBhifi admitted they were autopen or something. 

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Lol sure

Yeah probably bs, but figured I'd post it just in case it is true. 

I had second thoughts on this one and Cancelled my order, I don't see Ozzy signing 10,000 of these, 

Did the same this morning.



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