I know he's one of the toughest out there, but does he ever sign going into the venue or the hotel?  I also have a soundcheck ticket, but it clearly says no memorabilia allowed.  I'm seeing him in Montreal on September 20th and thought maybe if I made a sign he might sign something (I'm not a good looking woman though, lol).   

Does anybody have any experiences, tips they'd like to share?

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Well, I tried to see Bowie after a landmark concert and the entire street was closed with perhaps a thousand people or more. I can not imagine getting anywhere close to Paul McCartney before or after a show, although a young friend in NYC did get him to sign and take a photo but of course he was not "on".

I've seen him many times.  Very, Very tough to get to him before or after the show.  In recent years, he will pull someone up on stage to sign their arm for a tattoo, or sign a picture if you are an artist (I've seen both scenarios) … either way, you need a VERY clever sign to get his attention and curiosity and you have to be in the first 10 or so rows...  other than that, you may just get a drive-by at his hotel or the venue... good luck

A clever sign...perhaps a large b/w vintage photo of the Liver Building at the Liverpool Docks?

I've seen him many times...starting back with the "Wings Over America" tour in Boston in 1976....tough to get to him...good luck...

If you're willing to miss the last 5-8 songs there's a way. Andrew, send me a message.

And, it depends what you want him on.

When Paul McCaertney is on the road, he will be more than happy to sign for his fans. He is very friendly and kind to his fans. He appreciates them very much. The problem is the amount of people that stand outside the hotel or the venue and wait for him. In europe and the States there are hundreds of people, if not even more, that wait outside for hours. Of course Paul can't sign to each one and only a few get the desired autograph in the end. However, take for example Paul's visit to Israel in 2008. Only a few people waited for Paul outside the hotel, so he had no problem signing to each one of them (including me). Here is a photo from this event:
And here is a video from the day before the concert when Paul got out of the hotel:
And here is a video from the day of concert when Paul got out from the hotel:
On all these occasions Paul stopped for a long time and handed out autographs, but it was possible only because not many people were waiting for him. It is possible only in places like Israel. In Europe or the States it's almost mission impossible. Good luck!


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