I Purchased this in a lot off  an auction I am cirous as to if it is really sighed or a stamp.

I looked closely at the paper with a 8x magnifying glass and well hard to tell. Is there anything I should look for?

Warm regards Will

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Look for ink distribution.  If the ink seems uniformed throughout, then obviously it is stamped.  Look for Pen pressure and also flip the letter and see if there are indentations on the other side of the signature, that is also a good indication that it was signed.

Good luck.

I can not scan this my scanner is broken.

However if you please I can try to post a better Picture

Warm regards William


 I don't know this signature but that lacks the grace I expect, it looks drawn and those ""ll's" seem wrong. The "R" construction has precedence? Take this with a lot lot of salt! Sorry if this only muddles things. Others will know FAR more, of course.

Best wishes,


I understand I only wish I had a scanner . well maybe I can get another one Thanks for helping me




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