As other collectors have done here, I wanted to create a post on current values for the ‘core four’ members of Pink Floyd (Gilmour, Waters, Mason, Wright) & fully signed items. There are obviously many factors that go into creating a value of a signed item (item, contrast, placement, style, era), which I will not get into (there are other great posts about these factors on AML). I just wanted to place some general averages that members can reference for index cards / cuts, 8x10 photos, CDs, and albums.

Feel free to comment with any feedback you may have.


David Gilmour:

By leaps and bounds the most difficult living band member when it comes to signing. David has notoriously expressed his discontent for resellers as the main reason he refuses to sign. The vast majority of the rare occasions David has chosen to sign, items are either personalized or solo material. For years and years, David has refused to sign Floyd items, with rare exceptions mixed in between. Values certainly reflect his unwillingness, making his signature highly desirable – especially on Floyd items.

o Index/Cut: $250-300

o 8x10 Photo: $400

o CD: Solo ($325-425), Floyd ($475-600)

o LP: Solo ($500-700), Floyd ($800-1500)


Roger Waters:

If collect classic rock & don’t own a Waters autograph, you’re most likely in the minority. All jokes aside, not saying it’s a bad thing, but the amount the man has signed during his most recent ‘Us and Them’ tour is astronomical. Understandably value for his signature has decreased, but still holds relatively strong overall value, given his rock legend status. Roger has had many years in the 80s & 90s where he was quite a difficult signer, however, those times are obviously forgotten as he has treated fans & dealers alike for the past 10+ years to easy accessibility (maybe as an apology?)

o Index/Cut: $65-100

o 8x10 Photo: $150

o CD: Solo ($75-100), Floyd ($125-150)

o LP: Solo ($150-175), Floyd ($225-275)


Nick Mason:

The heartbeat of the band is currently touring his second leg of the ‘Saucerful of Secrets’ tour in North America. And like Waters, he is also signing up a storm, but not to the amount that Waters has with a less methodical approach. Nick has always been a solid signer, both IP & TTM. Signature quality has always been extremely variable, given the situation of the signing. So, for this study we will assume full name signatures for values.

o Index/Cut - $30-40

o 8x10 Photo - $50-60

o CD: Solo ($30-45), Floyd ($50-60)

o LP: Solo ($60-75), Floyd ($100-150)


Richard Wright:

Of the core four, Rick was by far the most elusive. When you got to him, he was more than willing to sign. However, while he was alive, if the Floyd were not touring, you simply did not see Rick. As an extremely reclusive individual, Rick made very little public appearances outside of the UK during his lifetime – also reflected in his high valuations.

o Index/Cut - $150-175

o 8x10 Photo - $150-225

o CD: Solo ($125-150), Floyd ($200-225)

o LP: Solo ($275-300), Floyd ($375-500)


Fully Signed Items:

A fully signed Floyd item is one of the most desirable pieces to own amongst classic rock autograph collectors (I may be a bit biased). However, the reason for that, is the rarity of a complete item, given the bands tumultuous history. In general, the golden ticket of a Floyd collector is a complete band signed LP from one of the four best-selling Floyd albums (DSOTM, WYWH, Animals, Wall). Of course, there are so many factors that play a part that it would best to discuss values of fully signed items individually, but I did want to place averages for the below mediums, which have been recently sold on the market.

o Cut - $1,500-2,250

o Photo – $2,500-4,000

o Program – $2,500-5,500

o LP – $5,000-10,000, Best Selling ($7,000-$12,000)

o Guitar - $6,000-$9,000

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Very nice,  Seamus!

What about Syd?

Syd is another animal since there are so very few individually signed pieces seen on the market, with only a small fraction of those being Floyd related. That's why the study focuses on the 'Core Four'. The very few Floyd related pieces known are on autograph book cuts with the other 3 members. Full band with Syd cuts get into the $4-5K range, usually just first names. There is one Piper LP that I know exists signed with Syd, and my guess that price could be at the very least draw $10K or more.

The majority of single signed Syd items seen are Psychedelic Renegades books and random items signed from his personal family collection (Cheffin Auctions). Those range anywhere from $1,000-5,000 depending on signature length and item - as you may know many of which are initials.

Here is a good in depth discussion on Syd items -

Hope it´s ok, to use this thread!?

I only want to say WOW! to this amazing piece:



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