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Supposedly signed in Germany in 1971.

I´m not an expert but I sure do have a pretty good feeling about these signatures.

What do you guys think?


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The uprights on the D of Richard and the T of Waters are remarkably similar.

in addition, here is another set from the 70s. Take a look specifically at the formations of Rick and Roger with OP. In early periods, their ‘W’s were very similar, however, you need to look at the entire signature to authenticate these guys. Rick writes ‘down to up’ and Roger takes a more vertical approach with his formations. I think it’s a shame that so many people have wrote off the OP set, it’s a great representation of signatures from the era. It’s easy to find one or two strokes that might be similar, but the whole signature needs to be analyzed to authenticate  

There are many aspects going on here

And at first glance, I would say the OP is authentic

At several other glances I remain authentic

There are too many strokes that match legitimate examples of this time period for me to think otherwise

Ya I would also love to own them

I'll give ya $200 right now ;-)

Well... if it's 1970... I'll give ya a beer and a joint maan hahahhaa

Even though I probably shouldnt provide more exemplars to back up this set, I will. The first one I am attaching is a Gilmour from the mid 70s, where Dave was a little more jagged in approach and less loopy like the OP. However, Notice how this one resembles the OP in terms of the large up strokes, jumbled letters, and formations

Probably needless to say that I agree with goodcat and Seamus, and I truly appreciate your input.
The original post is 7 years old, and I have spoken to many people who specialize in Pink Floyd memorabila and autographs...and they all said these are authentic. Stephen Maycock from Bonhams being one of them.

I know these are not textbook exemplars, but they are certainly genuine in my opinion.

This may be your missing link.

That is another nice genuine set. Late 60s imo

The group went through many types of signature transformations from late 60s to mid 70s

Roger - what are you referencing as the missing link? The set you posted is 68-69. The OP is 71. 

Hey Roger, it's good to see you!

The upright of the D in Richard on this one is the same as the one in the OP. The T upright in Waters is different but in the OP they look quite similar.

I love these discussions where the autographs are carefully analyzed and compared against each other. 

Agree. +1


Steve - do you have any other evidence to support your claim it was signed by one person other than the fact that the formation of one letter is ‘similar’?

No one has provided any like exemplars with explanations other than myself. At this point it seems like people made up their mind based on one letter. How about this 74/75 example...pretty similar ‘d’ ‘t’ huh?



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