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Please Help! Anyone heard of Toppix Autographs...authentic...reliable?

Hi. I was just wondering if you guys could please help me out by telling me a little bit of what you know about Toppix Autographs. Are they reliable? There’s a lot of really cool stuff on their site that I see but I’m just wondering are they authentic. My concerns are that they have a lot of autographs from a single signer, some even big name signers. For example; they have 5 Jennifer Lawrence, 9 Danai Gurira, 6 Uma Thurmans, and 9 Emma Stones. Also, prices are kind of questionable, some are good and some seem off. Examples of these are; Jennifer Lawrence $99, Elizabeth Olsen $99, Gwenyth Paltrow $99, Jada Pinkett $39 Zoe saldana $69, and Oprah only $79. Another off putting thing is in one of their proof videos for Zazie Beetz, only shows her saying and signing only one autograph before her leaving, the same video was then put up for another Beetz listing even though the video only showed one graph being signed, so they the proof videos can’t match up. I really like a lot of their pieces but I’m just not sure. Has anyone who’s boughten from them had their item passed by a third party authenticator?

Anything will help! Thank you! 

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Toppix is reputable and reliable. I don't follow the market in modern celebs much, but if you're wondering why Jada Pinkett is so much less than the other names, it's due to popularity and how easy a signer they are...well, were. 

when you are looking for a 100% in person autograph than they are the best...multiple signed is not rare and think you could look at their site and look at the video's from toppix so you have a idea how these on the streets in person signings works. or look at youtube for any celebrity you want.

Has anyone who’s boughten from them had their item passed by a third party authenticator?

why would you do that?  from toppix a autograph in person with certificate with the photo on it from the item you bought and date and place of signing at the back of the photo. and than you would like a opinion from a third party? that would be to much and have no use at all. 

I’m sorry if I offended anyone or you. Im not trying to attack them or anybody but it’s just another precautionary insurance for me personal. I know third parties aren’t always right but it just helps me out a little that at least some might have some. I’m a relatively basically new in this hobby and I don’t know much so please forgive me for my arrogance. Thank you!

Simply one of the best in the business! I just bought my Russell Crowe / Gladiator from them and got it for a bargain, so they have items for great prices for sure!

not every autograph is a perfect 10 and sometimes you just buy a scribble from some celebrity who is just fast signing on the streets. and maybe that's why some autographs are lower in value.

Thank you for telling me, I really appreciate and now know for next time. I hope we can please put aside my mistake and we can both continue to do what we came her for, autographs. Thank you!

you are new to the hobby and we like to help because we started our hobby the same way and did make mistakes and sometimes we still do. but you could also contact toppix and ask questions and i know for sure they are very helpfull. 

Ok thank you very much. I will definitely do that! 

FWIW, I've literally been graphing with him on many occasions in NYC for many years.  They also have a YouTube channel featuring tons of in-person street signing.

TopPix is a.good honest dealer and just FYI their ebay store is under the name NEWGRAPHS


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