All,  I've been sorting through these and I have piles of signatures that I don't recognize or am not able to identify.  I suspect that all of these played on a soap opera at one time or another.  Below I have posted 10 such photos.  If anyone can help me identify the actor or actress I am certainly grateful for any and all help.  Kind Regards

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The third one down is Richard Roundtree.

Ah, it's Shaft!  Thank you very much.  Some of these look so familiar and some are very obscure.  I am getting better at identifying signatures the more that I look at them.  On this one, I was seeing a T in the first name from his crossover in the last.  Going through these is both fun and addicting.  

Here are some more that I've not been able to ID.  Most were probably on a Soap Opera at one time or another. Any help is appreciated! 

I think the older guy on the phone is Dan Frazer from "Kojak".

I think the older guy on the phone is Dan Frazer from "Kojak". The older big guy is William Conrad and the last guy had dealings with Bruce Lee…….John Saxon… opinions on the autographs just the photos.

Thank you very much, David!

These are my unidentified signatures for the week.  I truly appreciate all the help thus far! 

I've identified the last photo as Finola Hughes.

It just hit me …The woman laying down on her elbow with finger on cheek is Constance Towers, a co-star in John Waynes "The Horse Soldiers"….Looks good , my in person….

David, I really appreciate you sharing that signature and your knowledge with me.  That is the first "Looks Good"/confirmation that I've received.  The more that I go through these the greater my admiration for this collection becomes and I look forward to beefing up the obscure signature database for people to compare to.  The unidentified stack is growing rapidly.  



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