Hi all,

Please opine on Ebay seller “memorabiliavault”

He/She seems to have an endless supply of MJ and Madonna for sale. 


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Seriously? No way those autographs are even close, IMO.

Agreed Joe - just trying to get the word out more than anything. This seller has sold at least 4-6 MJ and 2-3 Madonna by my count - all atrocious. And listing new regularly.

Steve - would it make sense to add the “Is this Ebay seller good” link to the member Buy and Sell group links?

I can never find the discussion easily when I want to and its a good resource for new members who might search that thread for bad sellers.

Since Ebay wont do anything about it, maybe we can build that resource up and have an unofficial record of good and bad sellers?

Just a thought.


How's this? I just gave this forum, "What do you think of this eBay seller?" its own link under forums so you can get to it quickly. Will that do the trick for now?

For sure. I hope more people will use it to point out the good AND the bad as it may be the only forum of its kind to expose some of these hacks, lol !!

Thank you kindly

Memorabilia  Vault are the same sellers who were involved in selling those fake Michael Jackson aurographed drawings a few years ago!  Avoid at all cost!


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