I thought I would share this with members in particular all Bowie watchers.

several weeks ago I was offered this by a UK seller and thank goodness he is s man of integrity. To explain further I sought opinion from the community and it seemed that the signature was deemed authentic.  I made a gentleman’s agreement with the seller and price was agreed. 

I have been contacted by the seller who was honest enough to advise me that it had been brought to his attention by Andy at David Bowie autograph site that the signature was in fact the hand of David’s close personal life long assistant Corrine Shwab. 

Andy explained that a close contact of his who was previously David’s press agent at RCA had confirmed that this particular signature as well as some Elephant Man signed photos were undoubtedly Corrine’s hand.

I am grateful to the seller for his honesty as I had agreed a purchase at a pretty price. 


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Hi, it is good to see there are nice sellers too.

By the way this is also Coco's hand: https://www.ebay.com/itm/DAVID-BOWIE-Autographed-Magazine-PAGE-Sing... and I talked about it with Andy too. :-)

Indeed !  As I recall you were a doubter if the 76 , seems you were correct. I do feel for the seller, as he also bought an elephant man photo which again is signed by Coco

Well, this one I almost bought few months ago... :-) 

Dear all

I have just phoned Andy of davidbowieautograh.com to discuss this and have got the following feedback.

"Up until 1 week ago this signature was deemed genuine by several major authenticators including people that are well regarded Bowie collectors on this site"

"It has now been acknowledged by 2 close insiders of the Bowie camp that Coco signed a few items on Davids behalf, and this was in her hand" - this came to light within the last week according to Andy who also  personally bought two of these autographs and has decided to destroy them...

Thanks for your somewhat defensive response. Why did you feel the need to do this?? All I was saying was that in this shark filled market place there are people who are honest 

Hi James, please do not take it as defensive. Mark and Andy are great people who helps people everyday to spot fakes for free. They learned me all I know till now about Bowie. I believe this case about "coco" autographs is sad for them because as Mark said, great collectors trouhgt it is real so they bought it in the past. 

it’s all good - mark was good enough to respond clarifying his thoughts on this.

i am disappointed for all concerned 

Dear god !  The buyer paid £2000 + for the 76 + a signed elephant man photo!!!  And both fake oh my oh my

That would be too much, even if it was real... :-(

I agree but sounds like the seller took full advantage 


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