Hello, I'd like to know opinions on PSA DNA and can they be trusted?  I have many musical autographs authenticated by them cause I heard they were the Best.  Thought on this would be very interesting and appreciated.  I like to think they are excellent airgo my graphs could be trusted and adored.

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These look fine.

Thank you Big time J Mikael!

Hi Nicholas,

The established and accepted companies do what I will term here "OK" or better or much better, depending who you are asking it seems, or where/when, and in some cases the celeb in question (Andre, Gleason etc), but I will always prefer to look at the signature in question. There are enough...gray areas...along the way that I will never make such a general suggestion. Do not collect stickers. The questions I prefer are about quality. Granted, I have no idea where JPJ could have signed that album where it would have any contrast, but the point is made. The Townsend  - his signature also appears as creases in his pants. They are "fine", they are genuine according to the stickers anyway - they are "the best" perhaps to use your terminology, but are they good examples or rushed/IP? I think, if I may suggest, that you are asking, or maybe might consider asking, about quality.

I am also concerned with people (correctly) tacking on much higher $ for 11x14's, but the signatures...well, it seems a grab in some cases.

Thank you very much Eric.  As a novice, I am thrilled to have them as long as they are genuine.  As I grow in this field, quality will hopefully grow with me.  Cheers!

I think it is! :) You are building a nice collection - it takes time.


I feel relieved already, thank you Big time Erick!

Always welcome Nicholas :)

I agree with all the answers above, but with a huge caveat. PSA DNA has gone thru some recent changes. The staff there is now heavily top loaded with guys that authenticate sports. In the future you shouldn't be so fast to jump at music or celebrity pieces that the new staff has authenticated.   

OK Pete thanks for the heads up, Looks like I might have to jump on JSA Spence to authenticate my music graphs, nice to hear from you!

You would be shooting yourself in the foot jumping towards a company with even less skill.

Roger Epperson or Beckett will be the way to go.

Roger has worked for many lesser companies, but he specializes in Music.

Beckett has launched an authentication company led by Steve Grad formerly of PSA.   

I don't think JSA's that great at music graphs either.

Ok Rich thank you for the heads up, it seems I will go to Roger from now on.



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