PSA/DNA Authenticator Changes: Grad & Sobrero Depart, Keating & Corcoran Hired

On Friday, PSA/DNA announced that they hired sports autograph dealers Kevin Keating and Bill Corcoran as full-time authenticators.

Friday was also the day that authenticators Steve Grad and Brian Sobrero departed PSA/DNA, reportedly to start their own autograph company.

I wrote a little piece about it with links to Sports Market Report interviews with Keating and Corcoran:

Kevin Keating & Bill Corcoran Join PSA/DNA as Steve Grad & ...

Big news in the autograph field. What do you think?

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Bill Corcoran is highly respected, should be a nice addition for them.

Grad and Sobrero had expertise beyond sports, tho ... is PSA/DNA going less historical and even more toward sports ?

I'm looking for an expert appraiser for a signed WWII Iwo Jima piece ... Any suggestions?  Signatures already have COA but I'm now looking for true appraisal.

Thanks much

I doubt they're going to change what they certify, and with Zach Rullo there, it could be business as usual. We'll have to wait and see.

People on RACC are saying Zach is leaving soon too...That may just be hearsay.

Neither PSA/DNA or JSA offer appraisals, as far as I know. Just authentication or witnessed signings.

Thanks, Steve, I thought they did appraisals, too.  Any idea where I would go for an appraisal?

JSA offers appraisals. The service is $50 according to their we site. It obviously has to be an item they have expertise with.  PSA/DNA has not offered this service.

Kevin and Bill are among the cream of the hobby. Integrity and competence. Great additions to PSA. My personal gripe with PSA is that they miss Rachel signed Jackie Robinsons, and even DiGiovanna signed Jackies. No excuse for that.  Nice upgrade for PSA.  I hope Kevin and Bill will be able to exercise their discretion without interference.  I'm confident that they would insist on that.

Jerry Stern

So who will be their main rock and roll person?
As a collector the changes wont make any difference to me, psa is really important if your an American and into American sports.

If you're in the US, the PSA/DNA brand is powerful across the board, except in historical. Third-party authentication isn't a big selling point there.

Is there an historical place of the PSA/DNA caliber?



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