Hey everyone,

 I'm glad to have found this forum as I recently inherited a few of my brothers signed albums.

 When my brother was younger he was a "groupie". The had friends that worked in The Nassau Coliseum on LI, NY and friends that worked in Madison Square Garden, so he would get back stage passes and met a lot of bands. Any chance he got he would get them to sign albums.

 Since I wasn't there, and I don't know anything about autographs, I am curious if there is any way these are fake or mass produced and given to groupies etc. He told me he got them personally though I don't know for sure.

 So, I have two questions. 1. Do they look real? and 2. are they worth anything.

I also have covers from Aerosmith, his favorite band, The Who and Rod Stewart which I will upload at a later time.

Thank you in advance for your time and expertise.

Happy Holidays


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My opinion - these are fakes.

I agree

Unfortunately all signatures are done by the same hand and this is a fake

The freddie is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy off.

Very disappointing, I will have to upload the other albums to see if its the same. Do you think these are pe-signed and just given away to fans? Is there anywhere I can see real autographs of the band to compare?

Many thanks for your time everyone.

Terrible forgeries, and I hope for your sake none of your others were obtained by these friends as this is almost as bad as it gets. 

Would have to say these are a smidge off.....some resemblace, but not enough.....enjoy a toddy and continue the hunt there.

Wow it just keeps getting worse!

Thanks for all the replies.

Mercury Man, would love to see some of those signatures, just for for the fun of it. Do you have a web site they are on?

Also do I need to start a new discussion or can I just upload the other albums here?

I cant give you example from your time period (it´s very important in case of Queen as their signs are very diverse according to period of signing), but I met Roger Taylor on Queen tour with Paul Rodgers in 2008. Authentic "current ones" looks like these:

Very no good, especially Freddie's.....terrible.

Attached is an example of real sigs. This example sold for $3000.

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Thanks, a little hard to see but I copied the photo and enlarged it. Big difference.

Sent you a friend request to send you a message. Wondering how much you wanted for them.....thanks.


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