Link Auction Galleries is selling this piece of sh***. Although they have 2 COA's and one from RR (that's what the seller says), the forger is well known.

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Before you say it has a coa from RR, please insure the coa is genuine. Roger authenticates for RR and I doubt he'd pass this. People have been forging COAs from Roger and PSA, RR ect for years now.
Epperson would never certify this as genuine!
That's my point. You said it had a coa from RR. I'm saying make sure the coa is even genuine to begin with.

Do you have a larger image? That's pretty small.

Steve, attached is a zoomed in photo (still admittedly low quality) of the item being discussed and I'll attach a few other examples of this forgers work as well. I doubt these would ever get a genuine RR coa.
More examples from the same hand over the years. They changed the Freddie and Brian a bit over time, but it's still all bad attempts.

This any better Steve.



Thanks, Michael. Fran needs to post a larger original photo, though. That's large enough but blurry.

Thanks, Ballroom.

I agree, Innuendo. The odds of that having real RR and Epperson COAs are slim to none.



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