Please help me with this Quentin Tarantino autograph. 
His autograph is so simple, so it's hard for me to see if it's real - maybe you can help?

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Even being so minimal, there are 2 factors that I dislike about this one.



It's not right, for you to make a statement like this, then offer a link to an Authenticator. Especially, since your one of the Authenticators on the site, with the Link your providing. Just shady at best.

Not sure what you mean at all, actually.

Incorrect factors:

The way the Q starts, is nearly-always rounded the other way, and the end-line in Quentin typically comes into the T much lower than it does in this one.

Not likely genuine, compared to a variety of 30+ authentic samples.




You went through and gave 15, not really opinions, just enough to make someone doubtful. But, you had time to look at 30 authentic examples. Now, who are you fooling. Not possible for anyone to compare 15 items in a hour and compare to 30 examples. Your just trying to raise doubt and then put a link, back to you, for Money. Just plain wrong!!

That's a completely false assumption. I compared every single signature questioned to our database of authentic examples, which is entirely populated carefully and tediously. I'm not keen to openly state problematic factors as it would just educate forgers to resolve the problem-factors and improve their efforts. 

But if you'd like me to state the factors of any signatures I gave an opinions on today privately, feel free to contact me on Facebook Messenger. I remember each of them.





No. It should be settled here. So, everyone can see these great insights you have.

Debbie downer. I just stated the two problematic factors with this and the other thread you are complaining on.

You chimed in on 15 discussions in less than 1 hour. You didn't give an opinion either way. You just created doubt and then posted a link back to your Business. That's just not Professional.

I stated whether they appeared good or bad based on a careful comparison of each signature in question to an authentic sample pool for each celebrity.

I disliked the bad items, and liked the good ones, based on each study.

There is no benefit of having a bias of good or bad when authenticating here, as the results are equally helpful to those asking.

Do you reply to every email with a footer link and yell at the person for providing a link relevant to the conversation?

What makes you so against people being paid for their work exactly? I'm proud to share my link as a footer because I am proud of and confident in the work we are doing.

You may want to take your own advice and try to relax a little.



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