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Quickly!Uma thurman,Kate Beckinsale,Angelin jolie,Patrick Stewart authentic?

Please, help, urgent. Im looking to purchase either of these autographs that have been given to me for a good offer. Here is a kate beckinsale autograph, an Uma thurman, angelina jolie, and patrick stewart. Can someone please help me out and tell your opinion on whether or not they are authentic. Thank you!

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Patrick Stewart not authentic IMO.

I would avoid all of them

Oh really? How come if I may ask. Thank you!

Patrick Stewart is definitely not real, quite a way off. Jolie looks slowly drawn or traced. Thurman looks off and different to her usual signature and the Beckinsdale also looks different to me

Ok. This is a little odd for me because it’s from a reputable company a lot of people praise. The company is TopPix aitographs. So I’m very confused now. Looks like I’ll just have to keep searching. Thank you!

I like Toppix and have purchased from them myself. However, I would not want any of these pieces. The Patrick Stewart is definitely not real IMO and the others are just not right. See what others think but no matter the company or authenticator you can only go with the signature

Ok. Thank you!

Thats very off putting to hear because i spent hours researching them and found that they were clean. I even started to build a little trust in them and bought something. Do you think a reputable seller such as TopPix could have fakes in the mix? If so i dont really know who to trust as all the forums highly praised TopPix

if they have fakes in the mix or selling autographs which they did not get themself than they are realy messing with their reputation. i hope they did not do that.

What do you think about it personally. You think the signers just had a really good/bad signing day. They were a little rushed or they had some extra time. Or do you think TopPix is up to something fishy.

think you better can ask toppix about your concerns because what you do now is just guessing.

did you already buy these? i only can find the uma thurman on the site of toppix?. but give mini opinion on the others than the ''jolie is good and also the beckinsale'' dont know about the patrick stewart. 


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